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Professionalism, Diversity, Passion

    Established in 1983, the department of public health aims to cultivate public health professionals through teaching, research, and service. In 2000, the department expanded its program to master level students, followed by a doctoral program in 2008. Also, the department inaugurated the Master of Public Health program in 2015 that prepares vocational professionals for leadership in addressing public health problems.
    The department of public health currently consists of 9 full-time professors, 21 joint professors, and 5 adjunct professors, who work with 58 master students and 42 doctoral students. The diverse course offerings from the department are open to all undergraduate students of medicine, medical technology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and nursing, as well as graduate students of public health department itself.
    Our faculty has both academic qualifications and practical experiences, and the research topics include epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, community health, health behaviors, health promotion, and cost-benefit analysis. Not only committed to educating students' ability to think independently, but we also have been conducting cross-disciplinary cooperation and analysis with various professional fields.
     In addition, our department has a variety of research resources, such as national health interview survey dataset, national health insurance database, longitudinal follow-up investigation dataset, and different kinds of statistical analysis software, which can help students to perform academic achievement. Moreover, our teachers undertake many important research projects and have ample resources to provide scholarship or assistantship to students in need.